In the brief document 1.1 the objective calls for

“modifications to the Benchmark Project can be even significant in terms of look and feel, but the New Project submitted by the Entrant still has to be a 3-bedroom family home, with similar functional spaces and a good buildability”

whereas in the Appendix A it calls for modifications that are

“without too radical changes in the functional spaces and appearance (i.e. the number of rooms, the general look and feel…)”

Can you please clarify what is the scope of the modifications? For example;

  • Can we suggest different roof orientations that harness winter northern sun that is more sustainable?
  • Can we suggest reduced floor area size such as removing additional rooms such as theatre / multipurpose rooms  to justify for higher quality and more resilient and sustainable construction methods / materials?
Interested Entrant Asked question May 6, 2023